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It's a Club, for canooers. 

Welcome to the Canoo Owners Club. An independent, unofficial club and forum for Canoo EV owners and investors. We believe Canoo is bringing to market some of the most advanced and yet accessible Electric Vehicles in the world, and we want to build a community around that.

Now it's a little hard to have an owners club when there isn't a single person out there who owns a Canoo...but with Start of Production happening soon and Canoos hitting the road beginning of 2023 that is soon to change. In the meantime we'll just be owners of Canoo via equity as investors and await deliveries of our pre-orders.

When it comes to information, there isn't a "one stop shop" option any more. Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Slack, Google searches, message boards; it's almost endless, always evolving and it's not all trustworthy. We envision this club to be a place where people of all walks can come together and not only discuss their love of advanced mobility, but share resources of time and knowledge and make friends along the way. 

Once there are Canoos out there in the wild - we'll help our members connect, plan events and advance the mission statement. 

Members will get a discount on most items in the club store or even bring their own products to share, exclusive access to members only items, content and the Canoo Owners Club Newsletter - A recap of all the recent events concerning their favorite EV delivered to their e-mailbox(coming soon). 

Membership is free and open to all Canoo enthusiasts, so what are you waiting for?

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